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I started working on SoundCloud under the name ANITRA around 2019.
Now I've changed my name to ANTR and am active on Youtube.
I'm not really aiming for anything, but this is what I've always wanted to do✌️
Maybe someday I would like to participate in M3 (The Japan Music MediaMix Market).

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I have not created a social networking account such as X.
But if you contact me, I can respond.
※ANTR does not have accounts on any services (social networking sites, video sites, etc.) other than those linked to this site.
If you see ANTR’s content on any other site, it is reprinted by a third party.
ANTR does not permit it.

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I upload new songs regularly.

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When I have more songs, I will put out an EP here.
The proceeds will be donated somewhere.

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Songs that are well-liked on Youtube may be uploaded to streaming services on an experimental basis.

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