1. 2023.10.31

    ANTR’s new channels

    I have started a channel called "OSOINO" which is a slowed down ANTR song.Just lowered the BPM😂https://www.youtube.com/@O_S_O_I_N_O/featuredI used to have an edit titled "Slowed" on the …

  2. 2023.04.28

    ANTR Website redesigned.

    It has been a long time since we changed our website.※ANTR does not have accounts on any services (social networking sites, video sites, etc.) other than those linked to this site. If you see ANTR’s…

  3. 2023.04.21

    Started Suzuri.

    Suzuri is a platform for creating and selling original goods.https://suzuri.jp/A_N_T_R…