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<ANTR / えいえぬてぃーあーる>

Activities since around 2019.
Started creating music using Hatsune Miku around October 2020.


< Attitude of Creation >

Most of the music makes heavy use of JerseyClub rhythms and samples. The composition and development of the songs are extremely monotonous.

The lyrics are often dark. They are not aimed at anyone, and they do not care if the content is unintelligible, as long as it has a voice. He is not particular about Hatsune Miku, and since he did not know any other Vocaloids, he chose her as the most famous one.

In 2022, he began “slowing down” the tempo, chopping songs without separating them into parts, and layering sounds.

Originally, he wanted to play with someone else’s existing music by processing it as he liked, but he began to re-edit his own compositions himself because of the increased restrictions.





(DeepL Translation)

Pile it up and collapse it. Pile up that rubble and it will never be the same again. Life, too.