<ANTR / えいえぬてぃーあーる>

Activities since around 2019.
Started creating music using Hatsune Miku around October 2020.


< Attitude of Creation >

Most of the songs make heavy use of Jersey Club rhythms and samples. The composition and development of the songs are extremely monotonous.

The lyrics are often dark and unintelligible. They consider it enough if they contain voices. He is not particular about Hatsune Miku, and since he was not familiar with other Vocaloids, he chose her because she is probably the most famous.

They are aware that they are creating something that belongs to club music, but they do not consider the whole creation to be club-friendly at all.
They have this style because the rhythms and other elements fit the state of mind they want to express.

In 2022. They started to slow down the tempo of the song, chop the song as it is, and layer another vocal on top of it.

Originally, they had wanted to play around with other people’s existing songs, but the restrictions became so great that they began to re-edit their own compositions themselves.

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  • 2021/03/20 Instagramアカウントを削除しました。(Deleted Instagram account.)
  • 2020/07/25 Bandcampを始めました。(Started Bandcamp.)
  • 2020/03/09 Twitterアカウントを削除しました。(Deleted Twitter account.)